A book exploring the future of technology, media, education, wellness and the world


An inspiring, positive look at our future.

What 64  amazing thinkers, CEOs, and scientists are paying attention to now--that you should know. How industries and ideas are intersecting in new ways. See what future-shapers are paying attention to now--that everyone else should be.

An insider glimpse at what new tech, connection, empathy, and human abilities make possible--not just for insiders...but for everyone, everywhere.

Intersections between science and soul. Interviews with smart humans.

Welcome to The New Enlightement. 

“That brain of mine is something more than merely mortal; as time will show.” - Ada Lovelace


featured ideas

Anchor interviews with positive polymaths, future shapers, and the intensely curious. 

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about the author

Appalachian girl turned tech journalist, teacher of MBAs, inspiration for hire, and explorer of the world. 

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