Everything is possible right now. You get to shape what that looks like.

Throughout history, every 200 years or so, there is powerful a moment of change for humanity. When the Renaissance happened. When the lightbulb was created. When the Egyptians built the pyramids - they were all flux times for humanity. We are in one of those times now. Humans are developing tech-enhanced "superpowers." Science and spirituality are reaching very similar conclusions. We get to create what we are - and rise into the most postivie possible future. Here's insight and inspiration about how we do that.

Featuring anchor interviews with:

Bob Safian - Editor-in-Chief, Fast Company

Jason Pontin - Editor of the MIT Tech Review

Daniel Kraft - Singularity University and Future Med

Andrew Hessel - head of Autodesk's bio/nano programmable matter group

Renee DiResta - Formerly O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures

Ramez Naam - writer/technologist

Alex Steffan - IDEO's planetary futurist

Daniela Busse - Design Futurist at Citi Ventures

Dennis Ausiello - Harvard formerly Massachusetts General Hospital

Eric Weinstein - Managing Director, Thiel Capital 

Max Ventilla - Founder and CEO, AltSchool 

Alexandra Carmichael - Founder of CureTogether (acquired by 23 and me)

Thor Muller - author, serial entrepreneur and CIO of Off Grid Electric

David Eagleman - Neuroscientist

Saul Griffith – Otherlab!

Rick Doblin – MAPs 

Astro Teller – Head of Google Moonshots

Beth Comstock – Senior VP and CMO, GE

Mark Hatch – CEO, TechShop

Elizabeth Green – Editor in Chief, Chalkbeat

Joyce Barnathan – President, International Center for Journalism (and head of the Knight Fellows Journalism Program)

Lama Nachman – Intel Technologist/ethnographer, builder of Stephen Hawking’s new comms system

Brian David Johnson – Intel’s Chief Futurist

Matt Galligan – CEO Circa